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1. The School

The School of Applied Science has been established since 2007. It consists of five academic departments, namely:

  • -  Department of Agriculture,
  • -  Department of Information Communication (with master’s program),
  • -  Department of Material Science and Engineering (with  master’s program),
  • -  Department of Biotechnology,
  • -  Department of of Optoelectronics and Energy Engineering (with master’s program),

Other than these departments, the School also maintains four research centers, which include:

  • -  Photovoltaic Research Center,
  • -  Energy Technology Research Center,
  • -  Agriculture and Biotechnology Research Center, and
  • -  Surface Engineering Research Center.

2. The Faculty

The School has 52 full-time faculty (9 professors, 12 associate professor and 31 assistant professor), each with a doctorate in his/her respective field.

3. The Students

There are 1,128 enrolled students distributing in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs.

II Goals and Characteristics

The School of Applied Sciences targets to differ from science and engineering institutes in other universities. It aims at the current focal point of National Science &Technology Development Policies and sets out to fulfill the mass employment market of optoelectronic semiconductor and other high-tech oriented industries in the Central Taiwan Science Park and the Central Academy District located in Er-Lin.  The School also focuses on the vision to upgrade and refine the agriculture & biotechnology industry in Taiwan.  Based on the direction set above, the School establishes four major areas of research and development:

  • -  clean energy,
  • -  agriculture-biotechnology
  • -  optoelectronic semiconductors, and
  • -  thin-film process & system technology

The School will, on a continuous basis, actively improve its faculty structure via recruiting more qualified scholars with associate professorship and beyond.  It will support the research teams lead by senior faculty to advance its junior faculty’s research potential as well as the cooperative research program between academic and industry,

This School will also promote the intensification of the school-wide research potential and the integration of its research resource with faculty’s specialization

The School actively integrates its research teams to make MingDao University the most known and the most characteristic clean energy demonstration campus in Taiwan; at the same time it projects to commercialize its research results and incubates the new ventures started by the MingDao alumni. As such, the School will, in the next three years, concentrate in

  • -  Nurturing the hi-tech oriented professionals who specialize in both practice and theory.
  • -  Researching and developing of innovative green energy technology.